How the Privacy Hero Adapter Works

    When the Privacy Hero Adapter is connected to your router, your devices will either be part of the protected network - meaning they are protected by the adapter - or the exposed network, meaning they are not protected. It is important to move any devices from the exposed network to the protected network so your internet traffic is secure.

    Here’s a look at how the Privacy Adapter handles protected and exposed devices on your home network.

    Protected Devices

    Traffic from a protected devices travels to your router as per usual. However, the Privacy Hero Adapter is able to access your traffic before it makes its way to the internet. Once the traffic is accessed, the adapter can decide how to protect it based on the type of traffic it is:

    Traffic Type Determined by… How it’s protected…
    Streaming or Gaming Automatically detected as streaming or gaming traffic
    • Prioritized for speed 
    •  DNS encryption
    VPN Protected You decide which devices are protected by VPN.
    • Protected by VPN 
    • DNS encryption
    Any traffic that isn't streaming, gaming, or VPN protected
    •  DNS encryption

    The traffic, now protected by the Privacy Hero adapter, continues through your router and onto the Internet.

    Exposed Devices

    The Privacy Hero adapter is unable to intercept traffic from exposed devices. As a result, traffic from exposed devices travels through your router and onto the internet without any form of protection. Devices on the Exposed Network are unable to benefit from any of the Privacy Hero Adapter's features including VPN Protection.

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