Disconnecting the Privacy Hero Adapter

If you need to disconnect the Privacy Hero adapter for any reason, there's a few easy steps that will ensure your network and devices are running smoothly after disconnection. The process will allow your adapter to be easily installed again if you wish to reconnect in the future.  

VERY IMPORTANT: DHCP service must be running on either your router or the Privacy Hero Adapter. Since you disabled DHCP on your router to setup Privacy Hero, you must re-enable DHCP on your router before disconnecting the Privacy Hero Adapter.

Step 1:

Go into your router's admin portal and enable DHCP. You can find specific instructions for each router model in our router configuration instructions.

Step 2:

Once you have enabled DHCP on your router, you can disconnect the Privacy Hero Adapter.

Step 3: 

Physically disconnect the Privacy Hero Adapter by first removing the ethernet cord from both the adapter and the router, and then remove the USB to micro USB cord from both the adapter and the router. 

Step 4:

Restart your router by disconnecting the power, waiting twenty seconds, and reconnecting the power.

Step 5:

You have successfully disconnected the Privacy Hero adapter. If you would like to setup your device again at any point,you may follow the same instructions as when you first installed your device.

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