How to Enable VPN Protection

When you first set up your Privacy Hero adapter, VPN Protection will be turned off by default. This guide will show you how to enable VPN Protection through the Privacy Hero adapter portal. 

If you'd like to learn more about what a VPN is and the benefits it has to offer, please click here.

How to Enable VPN Protection

Step 1

From the Privacy Hero portal, select the "VPN" tab. 

Step 2

In the VPN tab, select "Enable VPN Protection" to enable VPN protection on your network. 

Step 3

Privacy Hero will begin connecting your network to a VPN. 

Step 4

Once connected, Privacy Hero will verify the connection quality to ensure its speed. 

Step 5

If Privacy Hero is not satisfied with the quality of the connection, it will look for a faster server.

Step 6

When Privacy Hero is satisfied with the server, it will display a confirmation of the connection. 

Step 7

Your VPN Protection will now be active. By default, all devices on your network will use VPN protection. To learn how to manage which devices run through VPN Protection, click here.  

Please Note: If you would like to disable VPN Protection across your entire network, press the "Disable VPN Protection" button.

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