Why is My Device Shown Twice Under "My Network"?

In some situations, you may notice the same device appearing twice under "My Network". This means that your device has multiple MAC addresses - to the Privacy Hero adapter, this looks like two different devices. 

Why does this happen? Some devices, including but not limited to video game consoles, have a wired MAC address and a wireless MAC address. If you switch between wired and wireless connections on this device, the Privacy Hero adapter will recognize each MAC address as separate devices.

For example, if you connect a PS4 to your network through Wi-Fi, the PS4 will be shown once under "My Network". If you then connect the same PS4 through a wired connection, the PS4 will appear a second time.

The occurrence should not cause any direct issues - however, If you wish to apply something to the affected device such as disabling VPN protection, simply apply the desired option to both instances of the device.

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